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TestoJack 200

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  • Supports Healthy Sexual Activity*
  • Virility Enhancement*

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TestoJack 200™ features a potent standardized extract of Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) that has been concentrated to attain an optimal ratio of bioactive compounds.* Studies indicate that Tongkat Ali may help to support male reproductive and glandular functions.* This product includes Tribulus extract to promote male vitality, as well as a 6:1  Maca concentrate, Epimedium extract (horny goat weed), and Muira Pauma extract to help increase free testosterone levels. In addition, it includes Panax and American Ginseng root for healthy immune, reproductive and neuromuscular function.* This combination of ingredients makes TestoJack 200™ the optimal formula for the overall support of men’s glandular health and reproductive function.*

TestoJack Bioavailability Study

TestoJack features a standardized extract of Tongkat Ali (or Long Jack) that may support male reproductive function, as well as Tribulus with its virility supporting effects.*  Two healthy male volunteers, 57 and 58 years old, took TestoJack’s Tongkat Ali extract 2 capsules after breakfast for 4 weeks without dietary and lifestyle modifications. Total and free testosterone was measured at the baseline, and after 2 and 4 weeks of supplementation.

Result: TestoJack Increased Testosterone

At the end of the observation period, total testosterone increased 64% and 17% above the baseline level for volunteer 1 and 2, respectively (Figure 1).* During the same period, free testosterone rose 59% and 62% (Figure 2).* The case study indicates that supplementation with TestoJack in these healthy adult males was effective in supporting testosterone levels within the normal range.* Interpretation of the results is limited due to the observational nature of the case study.testojack study graph


Figures 1 and 2: In an observational case study conducted with two healthy male volunteers (57 and 58 years old), supplementation with TestoJack (2 capsules after breakfast for 4 weeks) resulted in support of already normal total and plasma testosterone.*

Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts

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