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What quality standards are used in the manufacture of WhatSupp Nutrition supplements?

Each batch of supplements we manufacture is laboratory tested for potency, quality, and purity, with the results listed in a Certificate of Analysis (COA) that can be requested from [email protected].

We offer a money back guarantee on all our nutrition products, which are manufactured in a United States A-rated GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and cGMP laboratory. The supplements are quality-tested and guaranteed for label accuracy and purity on both the source ingredients and finished product. Our manufacturing facility is in full compliance with the Food and Drug Administration’s most recent Current Good Manufacturing Practices, meeting and exceeding federal requirements for manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and holding of dietary supplements.WhatSupp Nutrition COA

How do nutritional supplements compare to prescription drugs for chronic disease?

Quite favorably, actually. Take osteoporosis and weak bones, for example. There is a prescription drug commonly used for this condition, but after years on the market research indicated that the new bone the drug was stimulating was far more brittle than healthy bone and was prone to fracture with as little force as stepping off a curb.

A better approach, the research now indicates, may be to work with your doctor and supplement with Vitamin D and a special form of calcium called calcium hydroxyapatite, which is the form of calcium found in bone. You and your doctor could also add a form of silicon which can improve bone density called choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid, known as the product Biosil.

Why do I sometimes hear bad things about nutritional supplements and vitamins in the media?

The media tends to focus on the results of some controversial studies that contradict the majority of studies showing that many of the nutrients in supplements have impressive benefits.

Why does the media focus on poorly designed studies instead of the numerous well-designed studies that show many benefits? Well, most media outlets get a significant share of their profits from the pharmaceutical industry, which is no friend to the nutritional supplement industry. Increasingly the nutritional supplement industry and the pharmaceutical industry are competitors, so it is not surprising that the media would favor the prescription drug companies in their coverage because that is where the money is: drug advertising.

But if you want health benefits without side effects, the research indicates nutritional supplements are often the better choice. And many nutritionally-informed doctors and healthcare practitioners will tell you so. Thankfully, there is now a movement in medical schools to add more nutrition education to the curriculum. Patients are demanding better information about nutrition and medical schools are beginning to acknowledge that. After all, if you can take an herbal extract of Bergamot to reduce cholesterol as much as the commonly prescribed drugs – without the side effects and the high cost of those drugs – why take the prescription drug? This is what an increasing number of people are asking their doctors and it is a good dialogue to have.

Why did you start WhatSuppBox?

We started WhatSuppBox because we all had a similar experience. We had health issues that were not being solved by prescription drugs and surgery. The more prescription drugs and surgery we tried, the worse we felt.

Eager to find a better solution we tried targeted nutritional supplements to solve underlying deficiencies that were causing the problem in the first place. This approach almost always involved a good multivitamin, an omega-3 supplement, magnesium, and a probiotic – those nutrients are the most commonly deficient in the American diet – and they are now conveniently available in our Foundation Boxes.

Plus, we would add a supplement with clinical research supporting its use for the specific health conditions and concerns we had. For example, if the concern was high blood sugar, then we would add berberine to the nutritional supplement program since multiple scientific studies indicate berberine can lower blood sugar and A1C.

We have incorporated this logic and research into the Supplement Recommendation Engine to help consumers quickly make informed decisions with their doctor.

Why are you so enthusiastic about nutritional supplements?

Because nutritional supplements have made our lives and health so much better. At an early age, many of us were headed for a life of chronic disease and side effects from prescription drugs. Targeted nutrition not only saved us from that, it has enhanced our health in many other ways. We are confident we will live a longer, healthier life because of nutritional supplements. Naturally, we want to share the good news!

Tell us your best nutrition story?

True story. I was 17 and I began experiencing sharp chest pains. I went to the doctor for a basic physical. He took my blood pressure and seemed concerned. He checked my heartbeat and he seemed more concerned. He told me I have high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat and I need to see a heart specialist.

I underwent several tests and then saw the heart specialist. He said I have a mitral valve prolapse of the heart and I need to take medication for the rest of my life. He also said I may need surgery later in life. I felt depressed. I took the medication for several weeks and started feeling tired and sleeping way too much. We switched the medication and I had a whole new set of side effects.

I decided to try something different. I walked into a health food store. The manager of the store told me about magnesium and a heart nutrient called CoQ10. I went to the library and read about both supplements. I decided it was worth a try. In addition to the supplements, I also began eating more vegetables. After a few weeks, I started feeling better. I did not go back to the doctor.

I considered enlisting in the military a year later, but I was worried I would get rejected because of the high blood pressure and heart problem. Since I was taking the magnesium and CoQ10 for a year, I had my blood pressure and heart function tested again. The doctor told me I no longer had high blood pressure and there was not a heart problem anymore. I passed my military physical easily.

Do you need an Amazon account for checkout?

Yes, because Amazon’s secure checkout process and reliable shipping is the the best in the business.

Do I still need to eat healthy if I take nutritional supplements?

Yes, the core of a healthy lifestyle is eating several servings of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains every day. Nutritional supplements can reduce the damage of an unhealthy diet, and nutritional supplements can add to the benefits of a healthy diet, but they cannot replace a healthy diet. Eat as healthy as you can: Future You will appreciate it.

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