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Why WhatSuppBox? Custom Vitamins

The goal of WhatSuppBox is to provide custom vitamins and supplements in a quick, research-based way to significantly enhance your health. You may think you can get what you need by walking into Vitamin Shoppe or Vitamin World, but without a research-driven approach, you will not find what you need.

There are 6 main reasons this research approach is so important to the vast majority of Americans:

1. Tens of thousands of research studies make it clear: Nutrients prevent, protect, and enhance.

We use the medical research database PubMed®. PubMed® is your tax dollars at work through the U.S. National Library of Medicine. There are tens of thousands of research studies on nutrients in PubMed. Research showing us how nutrients prevent disease, reverse disease, and enhance human health.

We use PubMed to find relevant scientific research on nutrients for common health concerns and health goals. We then scan Amazon® for nutritional supplements containing the exact nutrient or standardized extract in the PubMed research, with a priority given to reputable brands with strict quality standards and competitive pricing. Practical nutrition.

Take a look at some of the research we summarized from PubMed, organized by health concern: WhatSuppBox Research By Health Concern.

2. Your industrialized food has lost much of its nutrient content. That is why there is an epidemic of chronic disease.

A recent commercial asked,

“When did adding non-food to food become food?”

It happened in the 20th century when food production became industrialized, big business with an increasingly narrow outlook on profit, not human health. Hydrogenating vegetable oils is great for shelf life, but bad for human life. It makes sense for business, but it does not make sense if you care about your health.

Likewise, refining fiber and nutrients out of flours; adding sugars, synthetic sweeteners, artificial preservatives, and artificial colors to most packaged foods; and genetically modifying many crops ….this is done in the pursuit of profit, not human health.

This industrialization of food has dramatically lowered and interfered with our nutrient intake and metabolism, causing an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, allergies, immune disorders, heart disease, and digestive health problems. After many years of nutrient deficiency caused by low nutrient foods, we end up with chronic disease. We are literally eating our way to disease.

Nutrient Deficient Foods + Time = Chronic Disease

Chronic disease affects 1 in 2 Americans and consumes 80% of US healthcare costs.1 As the Standard American Diet (SAD) gets exported globally, it is no longer just an American problem. In the next 20 years, it is estimated that chronic diseases will cost the global economy 47 trillion dollars and kill twice as many people as infectious diseases.2

Moving toward a more whole foods diet is necessary and strongly encouraged, but we absolutely benefit when we supplement our diets with vitamins, minerals, fruit, vegetable and herbal extracts. Many of us can’t eat whole foods all the time, because of travel, cost, habit, or food availability. But we can supplement our diet on a daily basis with many nutrients that prevent and reverse disease. It works. Extra magnesium, Vitamin D, folate, omega 3s, probiotics, grape seed extract, etc., will enhance your health. The research is clear:  WhatSuppBox Research By Nutrient.

3. We are awash in synthetic chemicals in our air, water, and food. Custom vitamins protect against the damage.

This is not breaking news. You live in a toxic environment. Dioxin-containing detergents, pesticides, herbicides, artificial sweeteners, plastics, heavy metals, brominated flours, aluminum in deodorants, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation…the list goes on and on. The amazing thing is the body does a pretty good job protecting us – for a while – but after years, the toxic onslaught takes its toll. We know there is damage. Research has accumulated for decades on the damage of all these toxins. No one knows the full extent yet. Industry does not want us to know.

But there is good news. News we will publish regularly. A custom vitamin program can protect us from much of the damage. It can also help reverse some of the existing damage of living in a toxic world. Just some examples:

  • Astaxanthin can reduce radiation damage.
  • Milk thistle and N-Acetyl-Cysteine enhance the liver’s ability to detoxify pesticides.
  • DIM reduces the toxic effects of estradiol and xenoestrogens.
  • Chlorella can chelate and detoxify heavy metals.
  • Turmeric protects against DNA damage from many substances.

You can protect yourself.custom vitamins, not random Vitamin Shoppe vitamins

4. Prescription drugs and random supplements are failing us. Walgreens and Vitamin Shoppe is not the answer. Customized Vitamins are.

“Our drug-oriented approach to health care not only is not healthy but does not accomplish its stated goals.”

-Bethany Hays, MD

Prescription drug commercials and advertisements are everywhere. Have you ever noticed the ridiculous lengths pharmaceutical companies go to in these commercials to distract us from the list of side effects they are legally required to mention? Sometimes it is an elephant on the TV screen symbolizing COPD, or a man and woman in bathtubs in the middle of a field, even a woman dancing around in a digestive system costume. Why are these commercials so weird? They do this to mentally distract you from the truly disturbing side effects. They would rather you not know the side effects. Sometimes the side effect is death. Death! “This drug may cause death…”

And they are not kidding. Every year more than 100,000 Americans die from properly prescribed prescription drugs. Prescription drugs are now the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. This does not include the tens of thousands of people who overdose on opiod drugs every year.

But there is hope. Many nutrients have been compared to top-selling prescription drugs and found to be superior with fewer side effects. This is the dirty secret of the pharmaceutical industry. Nutritional supplements often work as well or better than prescription drugs over the long-term at managing and reversing chronic disease.

You need research-based, targeted, custom vitamins for your health concerns and goals. For example, Saw Palmetto Extract works as well as the blockbuster drug finasteride (Proscar) for mild to moderate benign prostatic hypertrophy. St. John’s Wort works better than many antidepressant drugs for mild to moderate depression. Curcumin is superior to many anti-inflammatory drugs. Glucosamine sulfate is superior to many prescription drugs for arthritis. Bergamot and niacin lower bad LDL cholesterol and increase good HDL cholesterol just as well as prescription drugs, with less serious side effects. Nutrients protect against disease.

5. Genetics is not destiny. Genetic expression is. Nutrients strongly influence genetic expression away from disease.

“You are not the victim of your genes but rather of your poor choices.”

-Daniel G. Amen, MD

There is another huge myth about health: your genes have total control. False.

The truth from recent research is that your genes have less than half the control over your health. Genetic expression is more important. Genetic expression is how your genes react to your environment, your behavior, and your dietary and lifestyle choices. You are now back in control.

The same exact genes could code for diabetes or muscle-building. They can code for heart disease or marathon running. The genes react to what you decide to do.

Change the Signals you Send to your Genes

It is known as genetic plasticity. Our behavior, our choices, can lead to good health or bad health. Our genes react to what signals we send them. Stop telling yourself your genes are to blame. You do have control. You just need to change the signals you send to your genes. Genes code for better health when you have an optimal intake of fiber, omega 3s, selenium, zinc, flavonoids, Vitamin D, probiotics, etc. Your genes react to an optimal intake of nutrients by coding proteins that create better health. The lesson is clear: optimize your nutrient intake with a custom vitamins program. That is what WhatSuppBox will teach you. You can do this.

6. Unless you are not thinking right, you want to be healthy and happy.

You are at a competitive disadvantage if your nutrient intake is low. Athletes, especially ones with long careers, have prioritized personalized vitamins as a game-changer, knowing it will help them realize their full potential. Why would you not want the same advantages good nutrition provides? The energy, the recovery from exercise, the protection against excess inflammation, the brain benefits of better memory, better mood, and better circulation.

You do want these advantages. You may not believe it yet. But you will. Good nutrition is a slam dunk of a decision.

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