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Headache Research

Increasing research indicates that magnesium deficiency may decrease the severity of PMS complaints, like headaches and migraines. In this 4 month double-blind, placebo-controlled study, magnesium supplementation at a dose of ...
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Patients who met the International Headache Society criteria for a migraine, were ages 18 to 65, and had at least two to six attacks per month over the preceding 3 ...
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In previous studies, two randomized and placebo-controlled trials with a total of 289 migraine patients have demonstrated the efficacy and safety of a special butterbur root extract in the reduction ...
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Headache Products

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    Butterbur Extract

    4.3 (427)
    • Clinically Researched For Headaches and Migraines
    • Helps Against Nasal Allergies
    • Also Contains Feverfew for Headache Support
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