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Butterbur Extract

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  • Butterbur for Headaches: Supports Healthy Blood Flow to the Brain*
  • Butterbur for Allergies: Helpful for Nasal Allergies*
  • 81% of Amazon® Reviews 4 or 5 Stars

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Amazon® Reviews Score: 4 and 5 Star Reviews


PubMed® Research Score for Butterbur

For decades, European herbalists have been using Butterbur for headaches and Butterbur for allergies.

Butterbur for Headaches

Scientific studies have demonstrated that the active constituents in Butterbur extract can support healthy blood flow to the brain and promote normal neurological function.* In this way, Butterbur may help to maintain head comfort in healthy individuals.* NOW®Butterbur extract is also free of undesirable Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids (PAs), so it can be used regularly.

In this study, Butterbur reduced the occurrence of migraine headaches by 48%.

In another study, 91% of migraine patients felt substantially or at least slightly improved after 4 months of treatment in children and teenagers. Migraine attack frequency was reduced by 63%.

Butterbur for Allergies and Asthma

Butterbur for allergies and asthma also has scientific support. Butterbur was compared to fexofenadine (brand name Allegra) for treatment of nasal allergies. Three measures of effectiveness were recorded for both Butterbur extract and fexofenadine:

  1. Peak Nasal Air Inflow
  2. Effectiveness after 60 Minutes
  3. Total Nasal Symptom Score

Butterbur extract was superior to fexofenadine in Peak Nasal Air Inflow and Effectiveness after 60 Minutes, and both Butterbur extract and fexofinadine were significantly superior to placebo. Butterbur extract and fexofenadine were equally effective in the Total Nasal Symptom Score.

Butterbur research in asthma has also shown effectiveness. In this study of Butterbur and asthma, the number, duration, and severity of asthma attacks decreased, while peak flow, forced expiratory volume (FEV1), and all measured symptoms improved during Butterbur therapy.

Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts

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Butterbur Research

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