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Calcium Hydroxyapatite (MCHA) Dramatically Reduces Back Pain in Osteoporosis Study

Calcium Hydroxyapatite and Back Pain
Study Title: "Clinical trial of microcrystalline hydroxyapatite compound ('Ossopan') in the prevention of osteoporosis due to corticosteroid therapy."
Number of Participants: 40 At-Risk Osteoporosis Patients
Length of Study: 12 Months
Type of Study: Randomized Controlled Trial
Publication: Current Medical Research and Opinion
Study Result: "In the MCHA-treated group, there was a dramatic and significant reduction in pain during the trial, almost to the point of its disappearance."

Calcium MCHA is a bioavailable source of calcium with scientific support for bone and teeth health. 40 patients at risk of osteoporosis were studied to prevent the appearance or progression of osteoporosis: 32 patients were treated with 6 to 8 g MCHA for 12 months and 8 served as an untreated control group. 68% of the patients had back pain prior to the trial.  Of 19 patients with initial back pain only 2 still reported any pain at all after 12-months’ MCHA treatment. In the 8-person control group, back pain severity increased during the trial in 3 patients and was unchanged in the fourth. The MCHA group also had less progression of osteoporosis markers compared to the control group.

The researchers concluded:

“In the MCHA-treated group, there was a dramatic reduction in pain during the trial, almost to the point of its disappearance.”

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Calcium Hydroxyapatite
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