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Greenselect® Phytosome + Low Calorie Diet Resulted in 30.1 Pounds Weight Loss

Study Title: "Greenselect Phytosome as an adjunct to a low-calorie diet for treatment of obesity: a clinical trial."
Number of Participants: 100 Obese Subjects
Length of Study: 90 Days
Type of Study: Human Study
Publication: Alternative Medicine Review
Study Result: After 90 days of treatment, significant weight loss and decreased body mass index (BMI) were observed in the group taking the herbal extract (30 lbs. loss in the green tea group compared to a 11 lbs. loss in the diet-only group)

A major breakthrough in nutritional science has been enhanced absorption products to maximize the effects of certain nutrients. Greenselect® Phtyosome is decaffeinated green tea extract complexed with phospholipids to enhance the metabolic effects of green tea.

In this study, 100 obese patients were put on a low calorie diet (1250 calories a day) and half were given Greenselect® Phtyosome and the other half were not. After 90 days of the diet + Greenselect® Phtyosome, the 50 that took the Greenselect® Phtyosome experienced 30.1 lbs. of weight loss compared to just 11 pounds for the diet-only group. The researchers concluded:

“Taking into consideration the high safety profile of the product and the total absence of adverse effects observed during and after the trial, Greenselect® Phtyosome appears to be a safe and effective tool for weight loss.”

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