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Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste Prevented Cavities in 56% of Schoolgirls

hdroxyapatite and cavities
Study Title: "Effect to Apatite-containing Dentifrices on Dental Caries in School Children."
Number of Participants: 89 Girls Aged 9
Length of Study: 3 Years
Type of Study: Controlled Clinical Trial
Publication: Journal of Dental Health
Study Result: "The cavities prevention rate in boys and girls were 35.86% and in 55.93%, respectively."

Fourth grade primary school children were directed to brush their teeth after school lunch using a dentifrice containing 5 % synthetic hydroxyapatite. The study was carried out for 3 years in order to examine the cariostatic effect of apatite containing dentifrice. The following results were obtained:

1. The mean DMFT indices of total erupted teeth were low in apatite containing dentifrice group of boys and girls were significantly lower than those in non apatite dentifrice group. The caries inhibition rate in boys and girls were 35.86% and in 55.93%, respectively.

2. The caries incidence rate of the sound teeth at the beginning showed significant difference after 109 one year between two groups in girls but not boys.

3. The caries incidence based on newly erupted teeth was also lower in the apatite gruop.

4. The cariostatic benefit by the use of apatite containing dentifrice was discussed.

Dental Health
Calcium Hydroxyapatite
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