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Scientific Review of Quercetin Highlights Its Anti-Allergy Effects

quercetin is anti-allergy
Study Title: "Quercetin and Its Anti-Allergic Immune Response."
Number of Participants: N/A
Length of Study: N/A
Type of Study: Scientific Review
Publication: Molecules
Study Result: Plant extract of quercetin is the main ingredient of many potential anti-allergic drugs, supplements and enriched products, which is more competent in inhibiting of IL-8 than Cromolyn (anti-allergic drug disodium cromoglycate).

In a scientific review of the research literature, researchers highlighted quercetin as an effective anti-allergy agent.

Quercetin’s anti-allergic properties are characterized by stimulation of the immune system, inhibition of histamine release, decrease in pro-inflammatory cytokines, and a decrease in inflammatory leukotrienes.

Quercetin can restrain antigen-specific IgE antibody formation, thereby short-circuiting the allergic response.

Quercetin has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating properties that can be effectively utilized in the treatment of late-phase bronchial asthma responses, allergic rhinitis, and peanut-induced anaphylactic reactions.

According to the researchers:

“The results of the studies prove a unique position of quercetin in the treatment of allergic disorders and the possibility of using phytochemicals such as quercetin for an efficient cure.”

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