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Theracurmin® Effective Against Esophageal Cancer

Study Title: "Nano-curcumin inhibits proliferation of esophageal adenocarcinoma cells and enhances the T cell mediated immune response."
Number of Participants: N/A
Length of Study: N/A
Type of Study: In Vitro Study
Publication: Frontiers in Oncology
Study Result: Nano-curcumin (found in Theracurmin) is effective against esophogeal adenocarcinoma by sensitizing the cancer cells to T cell induced cytotoxicity and decreasing the pro-inflammatory signals from T cells. Nano-curcumin is potentially a promising approach for future treatment of esophogeal adenocarcinoma.

The aim of this study was to investigate whether curcumin, dispersed with colloidal nano-particles, named Theracurmin would be more effective against Esophageal Andenocarcinomo (EAC) cells and to analyze if this new compound affects T cell response in patients undergoing immunotherapy for cancer.

Nano-curcumin significantly decreased the proliferation of the EAC cells, while not affecting the normal esophageal cell line. They also found that nano-curcumin significantly up-regulated the expression of the co-stimulatory molecule CD86 in DCs and significantly decreased the secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines from in vitro activated T cells. When they combined T cells with nano-curcumin treatment, they found that the basic levels of T cell induced cytotoxicity of 6.4 and 4.1%, increased to 15 and 13%, respectively.

In conclusion, they found that:

“Nano-curcumin is effective against EAC, sensitizes EAC cells to T cell induced cytotoxicity and decreases the pro-inflammatory signals from T cells. Combining DC immunotherapy with nano-curcumin is potentially a promising approach for future treatment of EAC.”

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