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White Kidney Bean Extract Maintained Weight Loss Over 24 Weeks

phase 2 maintains weight loss
Study Title: "Weight reduction and maintenance with IQP-PV-101: a 12-week randomized controlled study with a 24-week open label period."
Number of Participants: 49 subjects
Length of Study: 36 weeks
Type of Study: Double-blind weight loss study followed by single arm, open label weight maintenance trial
Publication: Obesity
Study Result: Average of 6.4 pounds lost in 12 week weight loss phase of study with 73.5% maintain the weight loss over the next 24 weeks without dietary restrictions

In a study done in two phases, white kidney bean extract from the plant Phaseolus vulgaris, was found to cause weight loss during a 12 week period and maintain the lost weight over the following 24 weeks in 73.5% of subjects. Body weight and body composition was measured every 4 weeks throughout the study. The average amount of weight lost and maintained over the 36 weeks was 6.41 pounds. The mechanism of action of white kidney bean extract is to block the enzyme responsible for digestion of complex carbohydrates, effectively reducing calories absorbed in the digestive system.

Weight Loss
White Kidney Bean
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