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Cholesterol Pro

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  • Clinically Studied for Lowering Cholesterol Levels
  • With Patented Bergamonte™ Extract
  • Includes CardioAid® Plant Sterol Combination
  • 71% of Amazon® Reviews 4 or 5 Stars

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Amazon® Reviews Score: 4 and 5 Star Reviews for Cholesterol Pro


PubMed® Research Score for Bergamot

Statins have serious side effects: muscle pain, fatigue, liver problems, diabetes. Why risk a statin drug when you can use a natural ingredient proven to lower cholesterol like Bergamot for cholestrol?

Cholesterol Pro™ is a combination of two unique ingredients that have clinically demonstrated their ability to help support serum lipid levels already within the healthy range.* Bergamonte™ is a proprietary standardized polyphenolic extract of the Bergamot fruit that can help to support cardiovascular health.* Cholesterol Pro™ also contains CardioAid®, a plant sterol combination, which has demonstrated support for healthy cholesterol levels already within the normal range.*

Bergamot For Cholestrol

Let’s look at the research. In a study published in the International Journal of Cardiology, a Bergamot extract lowered cholesterol by 41% without side effects. Even better, HDL cholesterol, the fraction of good cholesterol associated with excellent heart health and longevity, increased 18% in the same study. Researchers wrote that multiple biomarkers for heart health improved on the Bergamot extract. So instead of side effects like you will get from statin drugs, you get side benefits from Bergamot. That is the genius of natural medicine.

Now, many people who are concerned about cholesterol already have plaque built up in their arteries, a dangerous situation.

Ideally, you want to gradually remove that plaque, so that your blood vessel health is strong as you age. A vegetarian diet helps reverse plaque, but so does Bergamot…

Bergamot Reversed Plaque in Arteries

In a study out of Switzerland, a Bergamot extract reduced plaque in the carotid artery by 25%. And it also lowered cholesterol in the same study. This is the Holy Grail of cholesterol treatment: lower cholesterol AND reverse plaque in the arteries.

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Supplement Facts

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