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Bergamot Reduces LDL Cholesterol by 20% and Decreases Artery Plaque

Bergamot reduces LDL cholesterol
Study Title: "Bergamot Reduces Plasma Lipids, Atherogenic Small Dense LDL, and Subclinical Atherosclerosis in Subjects with Moderate Hypercholesterolemia: A 6 Months Prospective Study"
Number of Participants: 80
Length of Study: 6 months
Type of Study: Double-blind
Publication: Frontiers in Pharmacology
Study Result: LDL cholesterol lowered by 20%, increase in HDL, reduction in arterial plaque

Eighty men and women with high cholesterol were given a Bergamot-derived extract for 6 months. There was a 20% reduction in LDL, the unhealthy fraction of cholesterol; there was also a 17% decrease in triglycerides. There was a small increase in HDL, the healthy cholesterol fraction. Researchers also scanned the carotid artery to see if Bergamot improved artery healthy by reducing the plaque buildup in the artery. There was a 25% reduction in artery plaque.

Heart DiseaseHigh Cholesterol
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